TVR is making a comeback in 2017, and to ensure the masses of British sports car fans are kept interested until then, the British carmaker has released this teaser of its upcoming model. In the near three-minute-long video, we see an image being crafted using tape, depicting the new sports car.

A mix of old and new, elements of the TVR Sagaris can be seen in the headlamps, while the TVR Tuscan Speed Six’s circular mesh grille occupies the lower section of the front fascia. The new TVR’s design (when fully revealed) will be the work of Gordon Murray Design, who was also responsible for the McLaren F1.

The new TVR will also employ Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon manufacturing process, which includes carbon-fibre (or glass-reinforced plastic) panels fused to a tubular steel frame. The iStream process is said to quicken the process manufacturing a monocoque, and keep costs down. The chassis will also sport an all-independent suspension layout.

TVR’s other partner, Cosworth Engineering, will be supplying the engines for the new model. The engine is said to be a dry-sumped Ford 5.0 litre naturally-aspirated V8 that gets the Cosworth treatment, producing somewhere around 450 hp to 500 hp. It is likely to sport a six-speed manual gearbox that will send power to the rear wheels.