2017 TVR

We already know that TVR is working on a new sports car to debut in 2017. Now, TVR has confirmed that it will employ Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon manufacturing process, which includes carbon-fibre panels fused to a tubular steel frame. While it may utilise the lightweight iStream chassis, TVR is reportedly leaning towards extra strength rather than low weight.

In addition to that, TVR has confirmed that a “Launch Edition” of the sports car will be offered and it will have the iStream Carbon chassis as standard. Later on, it will turn into an optional extra on the list instead. In the standard sports car, rather than carbon-fibre, glass-reinforced plastic panels will be used. Said material however, will still be constructed according to the iStream process.

According to Autocar UK, the iStream chassis could either provide a reduced mass or alternatively, it could add strength to a car’s structure. The latter however, is said to be TVR’s aim as it is deemed necessary to support the company’s target of around 400 hp per tonne.


As for power, Cosworth Engineering will be handling that department. The TVR will probably feature a dry-sumped, naturally-aspirated V8 sitting behind the front axle, producing somewhere between 450 hp to 500 hp. It is likely to sport a six-speed manual gearbox that will send power to the rear wheels. It will also sport an all-independent suspension and a driver-oriented interior.

Reception for TVR’s sports car has been overwhelmingly positive too, as over 300 people have put down a deposit for the car. “The response has been fantastic. With deposits continuing to flow in, we will be looking to close the order book for the Launch Edition car shortly,” said Les Edgar, company chairman.

“Our intent is to unveil the styling of the new car in the coming months at a public event, although we will be conducting car clinics before then. There will be an opportunity for deposit holders to register interest if they would like to participate,” Edgar added. Due to the response, John Chasey, operations director of TVR said that any new orders placed, will not be delivered until 2018.