Yamaha Sports Ride 7

Teased earlier prior to its debut, Yamaha has unveiled its little sports car, billed the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The frame is built with the iStream car making process that’s based on Formula One technology, a process developed by McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray.

Measuring in at 3,900 mm in length, 1,720 mm in width and 1,170 mm in height, the Sports Ride Concept is very light, coming in at just 750 kg. Yamaha says that it has taken the involvement and active feeling of riding a motorcycle, and implanted it into a vehicle with quintessential sports car proportions.

The exterior of the Sports Ride Concept gets a very avant-garde design. The sleek headlamps, aero fins and bulging wheelarches at the front and the black roof give it that effect. In the back, the rear lamps are lined in thin strips, with a mid-quarter rear spoiler and high-mounted dual exhausts located in the middle.

Inside, the brown-wrapped interior is the most striking feature. As for the dash panel, it seems to take on a very minimalist design, with just a few buttons in the middle, two air vents and a simple three-gauge instrument cluster on the driver’s side. The door handles are in the form of pull tabs, similar to race cars.

Beneath that body is carbon-fibre tub, which contributed to its light weight. The structure is also said to give the vehicle impressive rigidity, and allows the vehicle to emit less carbon dioxide. No details have been disclosed about the Sports Ride Concept’s powertrain as of yet. However, it’s suspected to carry a 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine from the brand’s motorcycle range.