A lot is expected to happen at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Japanese bike maker Yamaha, for one, will be showing off its new sports car. According to Autocar UK, citing unconfirmed sources, the four-wheeler will be called exactly that, the ‘4Wheeler’.

A follow up to the Motiv concept the company previewed in 2013, the sports car is rumoured to have involved the help of McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray. The Motiv is said to utilise the iStream car-making process, which Murray have claimed could result in a lightweight convertible and a sports car. This, could be it.

While no exact details have been released by Yamaha, speculations indicate a combination of electric power and a combustion engine, which would very likely be taken from Yamaha’s portfolio of motorcycle engines. From the looks of it, the concept car will be a two-seater with a sleek front and an arching side profile.

In 2013, Yamaha’s general manager of innovation, Masato Suzuki said that “the time is right for us to take mobilisation on to four wheels.” So, what do you think of a Yamaha four-wheeler, everyone?