Over 50 Uber drivers in Penang are crying foul against Uber for not taking their complaints into account, The New Straits Times reports. The issue brought forward concerns the low-fare rate that was imposed by the management, which is said to be affecting drivers’ source of income.

Represented by former full-time Uber driver, Francis Loke, said that the management had introduced a zero flag-down rate or 50 sen per km or 20 sen per minute for the drivers on April 29 – which is said to be the issue here. Before this, customers had to pay RM3.50.

Loke, who has been suspended by Uber, was hoping that the company would remove the surge rate and incentives and instead replace it with a flat base-rate of RM3 followed by 60 sen per km and 30 sen per minute, according to a report by The Sun Daily.

Uber low cost fare-01

Although a discussion was held between the group and the company, to find a solution, Loke noted with disappointment that the management has not taken drivers complaints into account. The group spokesperson is one of the many other drivers who have been suspended for being too vocal.

“Our aim is to take Uber Penang to greater heights,” Loke said, he added, “we are considering to quit driving under the Uber App until the Uber Management revises the fare which is more reasonable for us.” He highlighted that Uber Partners in Penang are actively looking for other driving platforms and operators who can offer them better pay.

Meanwhile, Leon Foong, general manager of Uber Malaysia said that, “we have explained about the fare cut and showed our commitment to support the next possible experience for the customers. Our data shows in Penang, during peak hours also the pricing experiment is causing less idle time and more ridership from customers that results in better earnings.”