What can’t you strap a Ford EcoBoost engine to? That’s the question the Blue Oval posed to itself. And to find out, Dolph Lundgren (of The Expendables fame) was roped in to strap the engine to several non-car items in a series of episodes called “The Boost.”

The engine in question is Ford’s compact 1.0 litre three-cylinder turbo unit, which can be found on the Ford Fiesta sold here (125 PS and 170 Nm). First up, the EcoBoost mill finds itself powering a skateboard, with the 195-cm tall Swedish actor “piloting” it to speeds exceeding 97 km/h.

In the next episode, the EcoBoost motor is used to power a regular baseball pitching machine. However, instead of pumping out baseballs at a pleasant 145 km/h, the EcoBoost-powered version does so at 322 km/h, with high penetrative force as you’ll see in the video.

Finally, Lundgren reveals the overpowered “Blender of Brutality” that not only does the regular fruit and vegetable smoothie pretty well, but can take in a variety of other non-food items as well. Will it blend? Yes, with the EcoBoost Blender of Brutality. Top Gear fans might remember a certain Corvette engine-powered blender as well.

Of course, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost mill isn’t used only on the Fiesta. In other markets like Europe, the Focus also benefits from its small, yet punchy characteristics. On Formula Ford racers, the race-spec engine provides around 208 PS. So, what do you think Ford should pair the engine to next?