When Lexus introduced the LC 500 at this year’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), we were impressed that the sports car looked remarkably similar to the LF-LC Concept that previewed it. With the LC 500 set to be introduced in several parts of the world (including Malaysia), Lexus Spain has created a new video spot to promote the coupe ahead of it going on sale there.

Starring in the 1 minute 15 second-long clip is Spanish actress Mar Saura, who drives a bright red LC 500 at the Torrejon airport/Spanish Air Force base near Madrid. Through the best of our abilities at using Google Translate, Saura describes the sensations involved while behind the wheel of the Lexus (we think).

The Spanish Air Force also adds to the theatrical drama by parading an F-18 fighter jet alongside the LC 500. However, if you’re expecting a drag race between car and plane, sorry to disappoint. It would have been nice if Lexus Spain orchestrated such a race, so we get to see Saura wring out the 5.0 litre naturally-aspirated V8, all 467 hp and 527 Nm of it.

The mill is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission – the first in the luxury segment, and according to Lexus, the LC 500 will sprint from 0-100 km/h in under 4.5 seconds. Should be enough for a quarter mile drag race, don’t you think?

GALLERY: Lexus LC 500