2016 Kevil's Speed Shop Ural Sidecar Custom - 1

Most of us are familiar with motorcycles – two wheels, with either a solo seat or pillion, handlebars, an engine. Until you first encounter a proper passenger sidecar, like Ural.

Devon, UK based custom outfit Kevil’s Speed Shop – founded by Kevin Hill – primarily specialises in air-cooled BMW boxers, turning them into bobbers, scramblers and cafe racers. But, as reported by autoevolution, a special request from a customer named Adam to turn his Ural sidecar into a four-seater intrigued Hill enough to turn it into reality.

In case the name Ural in connection with motorcycles escapes you, the brand originated in Russia before the advent of World War II, when the Ural works began making copies of the 1939 BMW R71 sidecar combination. With the basic design unchanged since then, the Ural is a 750 cc, air-cooled two-cylinder boxer, with attached sidecar, and coming with single and two-wheel drive.

2016 Kevil's Speed Shop Ural Sidecar Custom - 3

Hill’s customer, named Adam, requested the Speed Shop to make a four-seater sidecar outfit for him, based on the existing three-seater sidecar. Gutting the sidecar, Kevil’s added a second rumble seat, customising the sidecar’s “boot” to accommodate the extra seat.

With a brief to make the custom sidecar as “British” as possible, Kevil’s shop went to town on the detailing. The Ural seats are now upholstered in leather, with diamond stitching for the motorcycle seats, and more traditional parallel stitching for the sidecar. Leather straps, evocative of the golden age of British motorcycles, complete the look.

A Brookland’s-style windscreen, looking like it had been lifted off a Bentley three-and-a-half, adorns the front sidecar passenger position, the flip-down style windscreen suiting the sidecar’s looks perfectly. Brembo calipers were added in front for more braking performance, while the stock drum brake adorns the rear wheel.

The standard Ural fuel tank was junked, and a unit that looks suspiciously like it came off a Triumph Street Twin installed in its place. No word on what this unique Ural sidecar project cost, but we would hazard a guess it could probably purchase two new Urals, and then some.

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