The Malaysian Light Rail Transit service efficiency is at 99.7%, according to Prasarana CEO Datuk Azmi Abdul Aziz, Bernama reports. “We had about 0.3% of service delays. We are improving on that to satisfy public demand,” he explained.

The CEO stated that the setback was attributed to upgrading work, which involved integrating new train sets into the system. On the Ampang Line, for example, Prasarana introduced the new trains into the existing service line without much disruption.

Last year, Prasarana made the decision to change its LRT fares to a new distance-based fare structure. It was the first time that it had done so in more than 10 years. To that, Azmi urged the public to see past the fare hike when they use public transport.

“We are trying to create more value for our customers so that public transport becomes more than just a ride from point A to point B,” he said, adding, “we want to make it an experience that people can enjoy, that can influence their lifestyle in improving their productivity and giving them quality hours with their families and friends.”