Here we have the very first photos of the 2018 Porsche Cayenne’s interior, revealing a large touch screen mounted above the central air-con vents. It’s a rather unconventional layout, to say the least. The screen also shows the full dashboard design – without any covers.

Other features worth noting are the full touch-sensitive buttons used on the lower centre console, matching what we’ve seen on the 2017 Porsche Panamera test mule. Looks like Porsche is getting really serious about reducing physical buttons in its future vehicles.

Also visible is the short, stout and perculiarly-shaped gear lever, which is also similar to that seen on the next-gen Panamera tester. The electronic joystick has a separate P button on its back – wonder how ergonomic this will be to use? The Cayenne’s traditional centre grips, meanwhile, are appear to be alive and well.

As for the interior, well, there’s not much to say, with the test mules wearing the current model’s body. Anything we can say about it would be pure speculation, so let’s just focus on the dashboard for now. So, what do you think of this?