The electronic toll collection (ETC) system is expected to be fully implemented throughout the nation by 2018, according to Deputy Works Minister, Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin, Bernama reports.

Rosnah noted that the ETC implementation is targeting to reduce traffic congestion by between 30% to 50%. “I hope the people will take this positively because it is intended to help all road users, not to make life difficult for them,” she explained.

“The concessionaires are providing various initiatives to ease the use of electronic payments for users and I am sure they can always refer to the customer care service for assistance,” she added.

As of April 1, 2016, 51 out of 177 toll plazas have implemented ETC so far, with 18 more toll plazas on six highways adopting the cashless system on June 1.

Rosnah previously highlighted that toll transaction times have been reduced to six seconds for Touch ’n Go and three seconds for SmartTag, as compared to 15 seconds for cash transactions. So guys, looks like the ETC method is inevitable. That said, how are you finding the ETC toll collection method so far? Share your comments below.