Energica Eva e-bike (3)

Italian e-bike manufacturer Energica, headquartered in Modena, Italy, recently launched its first UK dealership back in March, and has now followed that up with plans for a flagship store in San Francisco, USA. In conjunction with this news, Energica also debuted its Eva streetfighter e-bike in California, in a 725 km long journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Piloted by actor Bill LeVasseur, the Energica Eva made the journey with nine recharging stops along they way, with each stop taking an average of 23 minutes. The Energica team was more-or-less replicating a legendary journey from the late 70s called ‘The Ride’, where an unplanned ride by a small group of motorcyclists turned into a massive bike rally.

The Energica Eva produces the electric equivalent of 95 hp, while torque is 170 Nm, available from zero rpm. The top speed of the Eva is limited to 200 km/h, and range is claimed to be 200 km in Eco mode.

Pricing for the Energica Eva is reported to be USD34,000 (RM140,000) with availability in the US expected in July, when Energica’s San Francisco store opens. Energica also produces the Ego full-fairing sportsbike, which is rated at 136 hp from 4,900 to 10,500 rpm and produces 195 Nm of torque.

GALLERY: Energica Ego