According to a Reuters report, eight automakers in the US will recall more than 12 million vehicles for defective Takata airbag inflators. The new recall is focused on passenger-side air bag inflators, whereas prior recalls were for all frontal inflators.

Takata previously acknowledged 14 million defective inflators in the first phase of its latest recall, and the 12 million vehicles are part of this total. In the US alone, Honda will recall 4.5 million units, Fiat Chrysler with 4.3 million, Toyota with 1.65 million and Subaru with 400,000. The last two include the Saab 9-2X and Pontiac Vibe that Toyota and Subaru previously made for General Motors.

Other manufacturers that will issue recalls relating to the matter include Mazda with 730,000 units, Nissan with 400,000 units and Mitsubishi with 38,000 units. Even high-end manufacturer, Ferrari is calling back 2,800 vehicles in the US.

As of now, Takata and the automakers say there are no reports of any ruptures involving the vehicles in the latest recall. The defective airbag inflators are known to explode with excessive force, spraying metal shrapnel into the cabin. At least 13 deaths (including in Malaysia) and more than 100 injuries worldwide have been linked to faulty frontal inflators.


This isn’t the end of Takata’s woes either. The Japanese company was recently ordered to recall another 35-40 million inflators in the US, with the recall programme expected to continue through 2019. The expansion was announced after Takata wasn’t able to prove to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that its ammonium nitrate-based propellant, which does not feature a chemical drying agent, is safe for use in vehicles.

The company was also ordered to pay a massive fine for safety violations, and will also be required to face an ongoing US criminal investigation, along with class-action lawsuits. Reuters reports that the embattled supplier is in bailout talks with a number of potential investors, including private equity firm KKR & Co.

As a reminder, select manufacturers in Malaysia have also announced recalls relating to faulty Takata airbag inflators. If your vehicle is among those affected, it is imperative that you send it to an official service centre to be fixed. Manufacturers like Honda Malaysia has prepared a dedicated site where customers can check if their vehicle is affected.

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