Shell Euro 5 diesel

Shell Malaysia has announced that its FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 is now available in over 85 stations across Peninsular Malaysia. Following its availability outside Johor in December last year, when five stations outside the state began offering the fuel, the list of available locations has swelled.

The company says that the rollout is part of its plans to expand FuelSave Diesel Euro 5’s reach to at least 100 stations nationwide. It adds that there are plans to make the product available on connecting roads from Johor to Penang as well as on the East Coast in Terengganu.

Shell says its FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 features Active Efficiency Ingredients, which is designed to improve engine efficiency and fuel economy. It also has a special detergent designed to maintain engine condition by helping prevent the build-up of injector deposits. Like all Euro 5 diesels, its has a lower sulphur content of only 10 parts per million (ppm) compared to 500 ppm for the current Euro 2M diesel.

For the full list of stations currently offering Shell FuelSave Diesel Euro 5 across the Peninsular, please visit