An incident that occurred at a petrol station in Kelantan has served as a stark reminder that one should take every precaution while refuelling a vehicle.

In the incident, which took place at a station in Kuala Krai, a fire broke out inside a car during refuelling – apparently, a young boy sparked a lighter in the cabin, igniting the fumes that were present. As the CCTV footage shows, it didn’t look pretty. The boy is said to have been admitted to hospital for treatment, but there was no mention of his condition.

Here's what NOT to do when you're at a fuel station…

Posted by Paul Tan's Automotive News on Thursday, February 4, 2016

We’ve previously said that care and caution needs to be exercised while refuelling a vehicle. In an earlier post this year, we ran a public service announcement video that highlighted the do’s and don’ts when refuelling at a petrol station.

Fuel is obviously flammable. In fact, it’s not just the fuel itself; even the fumes are flammable, as the incident in Kuala Krai showed. The last thing you want is to ignite it. So, make sure the lighters are tucked away, and remember to keep those engines switched off.