In April, the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) said it was planning to enforce the use of OKU parking lots on the island, saying that vehicles parked in such lots and not displaying a proper sticker would be subjected to a traffic fine.

Between January and May this year, it has taken action against 243 able-bodied drivers who parked their cars in designated parking lots for the disabled, The Star reports.

According to MBPP councillor Chris Lee Chun Kit, 220 drivers were issued traffic summonses of RM100 each, while nine had their vehicles towed away and 14 others had their vehicle’s wheel clamped. Those who had their cars towed away had to pay RM100 for towing charges, while owners who had their cars clamped had to fork out RM50 for the clamp to be removed.

The report added that authorities were now looking at standardising enforcement on those using parking spots meant for the disabled. “We take the issue seriously. The public can call us the moment they see car owners with-out ‘OKU’ stickers parked at the designated spots. We want to tow every car parked at the ‘OKU’ lots, but we have limited tow trucks,” Lee told reporters.

With effect from May, only those with disabled car stickers issued by the local councils and government departments are allowed to park at any of the 54 OKU parking lots on the island. In April, Lee said that a total of 689 OKU stickers had been issued, 152 to disabled drivers and 537 to their guardians.