As we all know, the 2017 Audi R8 is obviously an underpowered car. Even in top V10 plus guise, Ingolstadt’s finest produces just 601 hp from its 5.2 litre naturally-aspirated V10. But don’t worry, because Underground Racing has come up with a range of twin-turbo kits that will push outputs to stratospheric heights.

Those who want just a little bit of boost can opt for the Base Twin Turbo System that bumps power to 800 whp on high-octane petrol available at the pumps. Yes, that’s horsepower measured at the wheels – instead of at the crank – and with stock engine internals, too! The price of the kit is US$49,000 (RM196,200) including installation, on top of the price of an actual R8 V10 plus.

Not enough? The US$59,000 (RM236,300) Stage 1 Twin Turbo System raises peak power to a heady 900 whp on race fuel, while the US$69,000 (RM276,300) Stage 2 kit brings it up to 850 whp on high-octane petrol and a round 1,000 whp on race fuel.


From there, Underground Racing will need to make modifications to the engine itself to make more power, with the US$99,000 (RM396,400) Stage 3 kit pushing out 1,000 whp on high-octane petrol alone, and 1,250 whp on race fuel. Next comes the Race Version that cranks power up to 1,150 whp on high-octane petrol and 1,500 whp on race fuel.

But it’s the X Version kit that takes the cake – the heavily-modified engine churns out 1,200 whp on regular high-octane petrol, and an astonishing race fuel figure of over 2,200 whp! It’s no wonder that Underground Racing says that the experience of driving its modified Audi R8 V10 plus is “something that should only be experienced, not explained.”