CEO Proton Fuaad Kenali

Proton service centres will soon operate seven days a week, according to Proton CEO Datuk Ahmad Fuaad Kenali. The move, which will benefit busy urban customers the most, will first be implemented in high-density areas. The exact date of implementation will be officially announced at a later date.

“Next month, we will allow warranty claims over the weekends, and this will benefit customers who have only one car. This will be for certain high-density areas,” Ahmad Fuaad told the media at a press conference in Melaka.

While a seven-day week has been mentioned by the national carmaker before, a Proton spokesperson clarified that so far, it’s the sales outlets that have been operating the whole week, and this latest push will see service centres open for business, accommodating warranty claims as well.

Ahmad Fuuad was explaining the after-sales improvements undertaken by Proton, which also includes the revision of prices for parts to provide more value for customers. The Proton head also said that the new management has restructured the company by areas and regions, introduced training for a “mindset change” and is adding more technicians to branches.

Proton will be having a busy few months ahead. The CEO confirmed that the company will launch the new Persona in August, new Saga in September and rebadged Ertiga MPV in October. Yes, three cars in three months.