There are quite a few vanity commemorative number plates available in Malaysia – G1M, 1M4U, PATRIOT and one that we most recently reported about – VIP. But here’s a new plate series that a few readers sighted on the road and sent to us – PERFECT.

So what exactly is PERFECT supposed to commemorate or fund-raise for? Apparently it’s a number plate series approved to raise funds for the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia (TTAM). They aim to raise RM5 million to build a new club house.

Unlike most number plates which go from 1 to 9999, there are only 100 plates available from PERFECT 1 to PERFECT 100. According to a Sin Chew report, about RM3 million has been raised as of June 2016.

The plates are awarded by bidding, and it is reported that the lowest successful bid for a plate so far has been around RM20,000, with the price tag going up to RM1 million, presumably for the PERFECT 1 plate.

You might be wondering, what has the word PERFECT have to do with table tennis? It seems that their local tournament is called the Perfect Malaysia Open 2016, named after their title sponsor Perfect China Co Ltd, a Zhongshan-based direct sales company founded by a Malaysian entrepreneur.

To bid for a PERFECT number plate, you can contact TTAM at 03-92811497