If you need more power for your fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 (ND), the people over at Flyin’ Miata are more than happy to oblige. Recently, the tuning group managed to shoehorn a 6.2 litre Chevrolet Performance LS376/525 V8 engine into the US-spec roadster, and they are now ready to share that gift with the world.

With an engine that has more than three times the capacity of the standard MX-5’s, a bump in power is to be expected. Flyin’ Miata is offering three engine configurations, beginning with the LS3 motor on its own, which provides 430 hp.

The second option sees the team slotting in an upgraded cam to bring the output up to 525 hp, which is again, more than three times the output of the MX-5’s stock 2.0 litre SkyActiv-G engine (155 hp). The final option – E-Rod LS3 – is the same as the first option, but with additional emissions monitoring in case of inspections.

Aside from the LS3 engine, the MX-5 also gets a six-speed T56 Termec manual gearbox and a Camaro SS-sourced differential. Furthermore, the car gains approximately 113 kg, bringing it closer to the 1.2-tonne mark, and the weight bias is now 53:47 rather than 52:48.

To ensure the rest of the car is up to spec with the new powertrain, upgraded brakes, suspension, exhausts, and tyres have all been fitted as well. Further upgrades like a carbon-fibre driveshaft, more powerful brakes and additional roll bars come as a cost option. The company will also supply whatever options and customisations a customer might want, for a price.

On the mention of price, the LS3 conversion will set you back US$49,995 (RM201,777), and does not include the car, although the company can help you source one. Fancy a V8-powered MX-5?