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Technology giant Apple is understood to have been developing a car under the codename Project Titan, and the latest recruitment from the automotive world is Dan Dodge, formerly head of Blackberry’s automotive software division, according to an Autocar UK report.

According to sources interviewed by Bloomberg, Dodge’s appointment shows a change in Apple’s strategy towards the automotive project as it now appears to focus on the development of autonomous systems.

This approach gives Apple the option of partnering with an existing automaker, rather than building a new car from the ground up. Dodge’s recruitment is in addition to earlier staffing at Apple who were previously from Tesla, while two ex-Ford engineers, Todd Gray and Aindrea Campbell, bring with them experience in building aluminium-bodied vehicles.

In addition to the recent automotive realm hires, Apple’s upper management were known to have toured BMW’s factory in Leipzig, Germany early last year. Earlier on, the BMW i3 was understood to be the preferred car for Project Titan to be based on.

Project Titan is led by Bob Mansfield, Apple’s former chief of hardware who came out of retirement to lead the automotive venture after the departure of Steve Zadesky at the start of this year. The Wall Street Journal claimed that hundreds on Apple engineers are working on Project Titan, but rumours are abound that delays arose due to confusion over the project’s direction.