More juicy gossip on the Apple Car again. According to German publication Manager Magazin, sources say that BMW and Apple have negotiated a far-reaching cooperation that includes the use of the BMW i3 electric car as a model platform.

Earlier this year, BMW Blog stated that the Bavarians killed off such a claim as talks had only revolved around software collaboration for infotainment systems, but it looks like these rumours are making their rounds again. The latest report claims that Apple CEO Tim Cook and other senior managers from the tech company visited BMW’s Leipzig plant to check out the i3 production line.

The publication goes on to say that Apple is supposedly interested in the carbon-fibre construction of the i3 electric car, and it’ll probably be purely electric drive. However, it is said that the German automaker is reluctant to reveal the inner secrets of its carbon-fibre technology to a company that could become a competitor in the premium EV market.

Business Insider also reports that the project, codenamed “Project Titan,” already has hundreds of employees working on it. The company is already working on in-car software systems, such as CarPlay, but since it has been bringing in a host of highly experienced automotive experts, there’s much speculation about its ambitions extending much further beyond just software.