Last week, Ferrari managed to incur the wrath of a collector, when he sued the Italian carmaker for not letting him buy a LaFerrari Spider, causing his reputation to be damaged. Now, another Italian carmaker, Lamborghini, is in the crosshairs of a disgruntled customer from South Africa for supposedly “selling lies.”

The car involved is the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce coupe, which is limited to just 600 units globally. Naturally, this level of exclusivity will cost buyers a sizeable sum of money, and as such, some would want their purchase to come with that little something extra.

In this case, a well-known supercar collector was promised by a local Lamborghini dealership in Johannesburg that he would be the only person in the African country to own an Aventador SV coupe. However, after he discovered that there are two, possible more units of the limited-edition model driving around in South Africa, the man blew his top.

To express his anger at Lamborghini for “lying” to him, the man actually placed stickers on his car that read, “Lamborghini JHB Sells Lies.” If that isn’t enough, there’s even a dedicated website (Google it) that contains the same message as the car’s decals, along with a cryptic ala-Skyfall message – “the truth will come out.”

As you can tell, limited-edition Lamborghinis and limited-edition Ferraris are serious matters these days.