Have you ever been so angry at being denied a limited-production supercar that you wanted to sue the carmaker making it? Well, you aren’t the first, because noted Ferrari collector Preston Henn has done just that, by suing Ferrari because he can’t buy a LaFerrari Spider.

In a filing to the United States District Court, it is revealed that Henn has done a great many things to ensure that he secures one example of the Italian carmaker’s latest creation. This includes a USD$1 million (RM4,052,500) deposit cheque mailed directly to Sergio Marchionne.

As a result, he is seeking “damages for reputational injury and the mortification caused by declaring him to be not qualified to purchase a LaFerrari Spider.” Now, you may think that this is a #firstworldproblem, but through Henn’s eyes, his devotion to the Prancing Horse should account for something the way he sees it. Just how devoted is he?

Well, the court filing (parts of it posted below) also includes a list of Ferraris owned by Henn since the 1960s. Models like the F40, F50, 550 Barchetta, Enzo, 275 GTB (1965), Daytona Spider (1971) and even one of Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 racers, form just part of his collection. A LaFerrari coupe is also listed here, so naturally, he would need the Spider version to ensure his collection is not lacking, right?

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If that isn’t enough, Henn is also one of the 30 few who bought into the company’s Corse Clienti XX programme, with a FXX bearing his name. The client programme allows owners to drive and race their cars on race tracks around the world, where Ferrari engineers would monitor the cars’ performance in order to make set-up and engineering decisions for future Ferraris.

Aside from the Verified Complaint for Damages, the filing also includes a defamation suit, which states “the publication of the statement that Preston Henn is not qualified to purchase a LaFerrari Spider is an untrue statement which harms Henn’s reputation, and holds him up to ridicule, disrespect, and disrepute in his profession, trade, occupation, avocation, and among his friends and business and social associates.”

For this, Henn is seeking damages of USD$75,000 (RM304,233) on top of the one from the Verified Complaint for Damages as compensation for the damage to his reputation. Suffice to say, with the reveal of this lawsuit, limited-edition Ferrari models are a serious matter.