2016 Nissan Serena 6

Launched in Japan just two months ago, the new Nissan Serena has already been hit with a recall over its automatic engine start/stop system. In total, 9,481 units of the fifth-generation MPV have been affected.

The issue centres around the starter-generator’s electrical circuit – due to insufficient resistance, the high current resulting in an engine restart could damage internal components, resulting in a short circuit. This causes the start/stop function to malfunction, and in a worst case scenario the generator could catch fire. The company advises customers to disable the feature until replacement work is completed.

According to Reuters, one incident has been reported so far, causing a small fire. Nissan has reportedly stopped shipments last Friday as a result of the recall, shortly after sales begun on August 24.

Despite the seemingly high number of cars for such a short period of time, most of them have yet to reach customers hands – only around 600 units were actually delivered, with the rest being in shipment or at dealerships across Japan. The company expects to resume shipments next week.