The last time we saw Nissan’s upcoming pick-up-based SUV, it was wearing the body of the NP300 Navara merged with the rear end of the previous-generation Pathfinder. Now, our spy photographers have caught the seven-seat SUV with the body it will go into production with.

Even with plenty of disguise on show, it’s clear that the new SUV will look significantly different from the Navara it shares a platform with. The front end is definitely sleeker, with wider, shapelier headlights that flank the V-motion grille, bringing it closer in line with Nissan’s other SUVs such as the X-Trail and Pathfinder.


Like the Navara, the SUV’s beltline rises towards the rear for a more dynamic look, while the L-shaped tail lights give it a look that is distinctly reminiscent of the new Toyota Fortuner.

As it will likely share most of its mechanicals with the Navara – the latter even has the multi-link rear axle that is more common on pick-up-based SUVs – expect the truck’s range of engines to be carried over, including a 2.3 litre twin-turbo diesel, a 2.5 litre turbodiesel as offered here (in countries with fuel grades below Euro 4) and a 2.5 litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine.