Spotted again since an earlier sighting in April, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet can now be seen with less camouflage cladding, with the frontal treatment revealed to wear the diamond grille common to the most recent range of Mercedes-Benz models.

As with the coupe that was also spotted testing earlier this year, the cabriolet an be expected to mimic most, if not all of the sedan’s powertrain line-up of petrol and diesel engines. In addition to the mainstream models, this generation of E-Class cabriolet is expected to spawn a full-blooded AMG E 63 model, a first for a two-door E-Class model, along with the coupe.

With the sedan and station wagon E-Class models already launched, the coupe should be next in line, with the drop-top expected roughly six months after the coupe’s debut.


In our earlier report, most of the interior forward of the B-pillars is expected to be carried over from the sedan, which means that the dual 12.3-inch instrument display screens will also feature in the upcoming cabriolet.

Common to recent open-topped Mercedes-Benz models are the Airscarf neck heating and Aircap draught-stop systems, although the former was the subject of a patents infringement case which saw the automaker ordered to disable such systems in Germany.

However, the patent in question runs out on December 25, 2016, which is when Mercedes-Benz is allowed to reactivate the system on all its cars. Well before the Cabriolet’s anticipated release, then.