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Citroen is marking its return to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2017 with the new C3 WRC Concept, which will make an appearance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The French carmaker was absent for this year’s iteration of the WRC, as it had been focusing on designing the team’s 2017 car.

Based on the latest C3, the conceppt measures 4,150 mm long and 1,900 mm wide, making it longer and wider than the previous Citroen DS3 WRC. The increased size is due to the new regulations put in place for the 2017 WRC season, where teams now have greater aerodynamic freedom with their cars.

For instance, there is now a spoiler to accompany front bumper, the rear bumper is fitted with a diffuser, and there is the enlarged rear spoiler that is moved further back for even greater aerodynamic support. Despite the added size, the car tips the scales at 25 kg less than Citroen 2015 racer, which weighed 1,200 kg following the 2015 regulations.

Base de donnée : Astuce Productions

Autocar UK reports that despite being called a concept, the C3 WRC’s exterior was designed with the new 2017 WRC regulations in mind, meaning it could be used in next year’s season with minimal modifications required.

Competition-styling aside, the C3 WRC’s engine – a 1.6 litre turbocharged four-cylinder – produces 380 hp, which is 80 hp more than the 2015 car. This is due to the larger turbo flange allowed in 2017, which measures 36 mm compared to 33 mm on 2016-spec WRC cars. To ensure that things are kept tidy in the corners, an electronic differential control is also allowed on 2017 WRC cars, the Citroen included.

The C3 WRC in its final race form will make its debut at the Monte Carlo Rally in January 2017, where it will go up against other manufacturer-backed cars from Volkswagen, Hyundai and Toyota, which will also be mark its return to the WRC since it departed in 1999. The Citroen team is pretty familiar with the WRC, having won eight manufacturer’s titles and boasting a record 96 wins.