In a bid to spare people from the hassle of standing in line, Nissan has revealed the newly-developed ProPILOT Chair. Named after the company’s flagship autonomous driving technology available on the new Serena, the carmaker’s latest creation should appeal to those who have had to queue for hours outside a crowded restaurant.

The ProPILOT Chair detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance and travelling along a set path. This functionality is similar to that offered on the Serena, which is capable of maintaining a safe distance behind the car ahead, and ensuring that the vehicle remains in the centre of the lane.

Therefore, the technology helps to eliminate the tedium and physical strain of being in a queue. Nissan will ensure that the ProPILOT Chair undergoes plenty of real-world testing, and the best way to do that is for restaurants to submit their applications to use the chairs by tweeting their name and webpage along with the hashtags #NissanProPilotChair #Wanted. For all other Twitter users, the recommended hashtag is #NissanProPilotChair.

According to the Japanese carmaker, the ProPILOT seats will appear at selected restaurants in 2017. For those who want to try out the chairs now, five units will be featured at a gallery exhibit at Nissan’s Global Headquarters in Yokohama from September 29 through October 2.

Nissan has previously revealed the Intelligent Parking Chair, which takes advantage of its Intelligent Parking Assist technology, freeing workers from the troublesome task of arranging chairs after a meeting or at the end of a work day. If the high-tech ProPILOT chairs do make it to Malaysia, what locations/restaurants do you think they should be placed at? Let us know in the comments section below.