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The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is aiming to get a standardised vehicle number plate system in place by the third quarter of next year. If it goes through, the introduction of the new number plate design will be enforced gradually, starting with new vehicles (including motorcycles), followed by all other vehicles within a three-year period, The Sun reports.

At a special workshop dedicated to the topic yesterday, the department obtained input and suggestions from stakeholders. Deputy transport minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi said that one of the matters discussed during the event was the loophole in the production of number plates nationwide, which had led to widespread use of illegal plate specifications.

He said that the new system must be able to allow the authorities the ability to monitor the parties that will produce number plates, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Rules 1959.

“We want traders to register with the JPJ and from there on, we, together with the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry, can take action when necessary. We are also looking on how the number plates can be standardised and produced as a standard form across the country,” he told the publication.

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He added that the new system will look at utilising more durable and robust materials for the plates, such as having them metal stamped. “The current material, such as plastic, does not last long and can be replaced and manipulated by irresponsible parties,” he stated.

The new plates will have to also be cost effective. “We want to find ways that won’t incur high cost and cause a burden to the rakyat. We also want to ensure there is no monopoly for this purpose,” he said.

A standardised number plate system will also aid in combating crimes and aspects of road safety enforcement, Aziz said. “Over the years, the authorities and the public have had to deal with the difficulty of identifying fancy or unclear number plates of vehicles,” he explained.