Ensuring that drivers receive up-to-date information while behind the wheel is essential to improving safety and the driving experience. Ahead of the Paris Motor Show, digital mapping and location service provider, Here has revealed that its platform will adopt a “vehicle-source” approach to obtain information.

Here’s Open Location Platform currently uses the company’s own vehicles to build a database, but in the future, cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz will be able to submit, in real-time, data collected anonymously from the vehicles’ various on-board sensors and systems.

These include the car’s GPS location, speed, direction, traffic sign information, loss of tyre traction, fog light usage, brake pressure, ultrasonic parking sensor and many more. Here says that the “vehicle-sourced data” provides drivers with a better picture of what’s happening around them.

The platform taps into four services – Here Real-Time Traffic, Here Hazard Warnings, Here Road Signs, and Here On-Street Parking – providing up-to-date information on everything from potential road hazards, to traffic updates and parking. The services will be available to any automaker, municipality, road authority, smartphone maker or app developer to license.


“Here believes that industry collaboration is essential to address the major challenges faced by road users everywhere. What we are seeing today is the technology and automotive industries coming together to create services that will elevate the driving experience,” said Here CEO, Edzard Overbeek.

The company was acquired by German’s Big Three (Mercedes, Audi and BMW) back in December last year, with the aim of developing intelligent real-time maps crucial to their autonomous driving technology.

Here has plans for other carmakers to be able to contribute their vehicle data as well. From the first half of 2017, these features will be commercially available to any customer within and outside the automotive industry.