Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG have shared their plans in relation to Here, after successfully acquiring Nokia’s digital mapping and location business for 2.8 billion euros. Intelligent real-time maps, location-based services and highly-automated driving are all on the cards for the trio of German automakers, with Here supporting these efforts.

All three carmakers currently own an equal stake in Here, which will remain as an independent and value-creating company. Here’s location platform as of now, delivers detailed maps that is combined with real-time location information. Its map data is powered by more than 80,000 sources and billions of probe points daily.

With more than two million connected vehicles from the German trio, which are already capable of collecting advanced, high quality location-based data, this offers enormous potential to accelerate the growth of Here’s location platform.

To further supplement this, the three automakers are also considering providing sensor data from their fleets to Here. It welcomes customers – automotive, enterprise, consumers – to join and benefit, a move that would improve the value of Here even further.

Another avenue of significance for Here involves highly-automated driving, where precise, up-to-date maps are paramount to its functionality. Additionally, with four out of five new vehicles sold in Europe and North America featuring in-car navigation that utilises Here digital maps, future developments like preempt warnings of road hazards up ahead can contribute to increased driver safety.