tesla model s 09

According to an internal report from Germany’s Transport Ministry, the Autopilot system on the Tesla Model S represents a “considerable traffic hazard,” Der Spiegel reports (via Reuters).

The country’s Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) reportedly had several complaints after carrying out a series of tests on the electric vehicle. For instance, should the vehicle get into a situation it cannot solve on its own, the Autopilot system does not alert the driver.

Furthermore, the car’s sensors do not detect far back enough when overtaking another vehicle, and the emergency brake also performs inadequately. The Der Spiegel report also points out that Germany’s transport minister Alexander Dobrindt knew of the tests but did not take the Model S out of service.

The ministry will conduct further testing before it releases a final evaluation on the Tesla-made system. Tesla said in a statement: “We have always been clear with our customers that Autopilot is a driver assistance system that requires the driver to pay attention at all times.” Therefore, drivers are still required to be at the ready to take over if needed.

It added that the system features strong safeguards against driver misuse compared to other cars on the road, and that the vehicle’s emergency braking system was also “state of the art” in the industry. Recently, the company announced that it will release the Autopilot 8.0 update, which it claims “would have” prevented a fatal crash involving the system reported in early July.