We’ve seen it testing in winter, and we’ve also caught a glimpse of its interior. What we’ve assumed to be the second-generation 5 Series Gran Turismo will reported be known as the BMW 6 Series GT. As can be seen, the new GT will cut a sleeker roof line, which terminates with a bootlid that is also now lower than on the current 5 Series GT.

The change in name was suggested by sources at BMW headquarters in Munich, adding speculation that the new model will indirectly replace the 6 Series Gran Coupe due to slow sales. Though unconfirmed, this could also indicate a move to higher pricing and positioning than the 5 GT. Par for the course is BMW’s CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform, which underpins the G30 5 Series, G11/12 7 Series, as well as the upcoming G20 3 Series.

As with the 5 Series Touring development units spotted testing, the new 6 Series GT is expected to mirror the new G30 5 Series for its powertrain line-up, with four- and six-cylinder petrol engines paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission. A plug-in hybrid variant of the 6 GT is also expected to debut further down the line.