The planned implementation of B10 biodiesel in the country for the transportation sector has been rescheduled, The Star reports. The introduction of B10 – as well as B7 for the industrial sector- was previously reported to begin next month, but the government has announced that these plans have been deferred to a later, as-yet-undefined date.

Plantation industries and commodities minister Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong said that while the government wanted to strengthen the implementation of the Biodiesel programme by increasing the two blends, it said it was delaying the introduction so as not to burden the public.

“After a thorough study, taking into consideration the difference between crude palm oil (CPO) and diesel prices at current volatile market, I would like to announce that the implementation of biodiesel mandate will be deferred to a later date. Although significant effort has been put into for its implementation, the government is committed to ensure that there is no burden of extra cost to the rakyat at this time,” he said.

The implementation of the B10 programme has been delayed several times. The government was initially slated to introduce the fuel in June, but shelved it after it emerged there was inadequate data that the fuel was compliant with carmakers’ specifications.

The full implementation of the new biodiesel formulations is expected to make use of 750,000 tonnes of palm oil each year. Exempted from the mandate are petrol stations selling Euro 5 diesel, as well as sensitive industrial machinery not suited for biodiesel, though the latter will require “technical justification” from the machine manufacturer.