Der neue Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen is pushing forward with electric mobility in a big way through its Transform 2025+ strategy, with the new direction forming the core of the brand by 2020. “Our goals are high and our strategy is very ambitious. We want to benefit from change and to take Volkswagen into the lead in the new automobile industry with determination,” said Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess.

“Over the next few years, Volkswagen will change radically. Very few things will stay as they are. In the final resort, the new strategy is a major transformation programme,” he added. The latest development represents a drastic change in direction in the aftermath of Dieselgate, with far-reaching effects resulting from its image clean-up efforts, including the halting of its highly successful World Rally Championship programme.

The Wolfsburg-based automaker stated that the reorientation of the brand will take place in three phases. Phase 1, which goes until 2020, will see the brand undergo a restructuring of its core business and a transformation of the overall entity. Its is expected that this phase will encompass increasing profitability, and is understood to halt plans for low-volume, low profit models.


The first phase will also see the mounting of an SUV offensive, which will help the brand increase its presence in the United States, as seen with the introduction of the Chattanooga, Tennessee-built Volkswagen Atlas.

“We will be significantly stepping up our activities in the USA. The main focus will be on the key segments in the country, large SUVs and limousines. In those segments, we will be strongly expanding our range. In a second stage, we will then take our new electric cars to North America,” said Diess.

Phase 2, which goes up to 2025, will see VW invest heavily in electrified mobility in its aim to take the lead in the growing sector by 2030. “As a volume manufacturer, we intend to play a key role in the breakthrough of the electric car,” Diess said.


“We are not aiming for niche products, but for the heart of the automobile market. By 2025 we want to sell a million electric cars per year and to be the world market leader in e-mobility. Our future electric cars will be the new trademark of Volkswagen,” he added.

Connected technology is also an area of significant investment for Volkswagen. A dedicated digital platform for the linking of its vehicles with digital services is on the cards, and the automaker aims to have approximately 80 million active users worldwide by 2025. Sales revenue from services for its networked vehicles is expected to reach €1 billion (RM4.72 billion) per year by 2025.

The automaker also plans to attain global market leader status with the sustaining of its top-of-volume position in China and Europe, whilst continuing its efforts in North America, as well as developing further into the economy segment in markets like India, South America and Russia.