Volvo Car Malaysia, together with Volvo Trucks Malaysia, has announced a partnership with KidZania Kuala Lumpur that aims to cultivate the importance of vehicle safety in children, as well as develop their life skills.

The collaboration will see Volvo Car Malaysia create a new dealership within KidZania’s child-friendly cityscape, where children will be able to experience the profession of a car dealer and designer. This will allow them to improve their interpersonal communication skills by delivering a sales presentation as a car dealer, or to express themselves creatively with customised software that will allow them to make decisions on car aesthetics and safety features.

Furthermore, they will also learn about the importance of being seated correctly and safely, in a car, which likely includes the usage of proper child seats. “At Volvo, we are working towards building a safer world for all road users – a big part of securing this future is education. We realise that there is a lack of understanding in the importance of using proper child seats in Malaysia,” said Lennart Stegland, managing direct of Volvo Car Malaysia.

“With this establishment, we hope to educate the children and they will in turn deliver the message to their parents with greater impact,” he added. Meanwhile, Volvo Trucks Malaysia aims to create awareness on road safety among children, especially when facing large trucks.

By simulating actual road conditions, the programme incorporates Volvo Truck’s ‘Stop, Look, Wave’ campaign that helps to improve children’s awareness on safe behaviours in traffic. They will also get to “drive” a Volvo FM440 truck, as well as participating in a classroom session inside the Volvo Truck Exhibition trailer where they will be exposed to the importance of identifying blind spots and practice proper road etiquette.

“Safety is one of Volvo Truck’s core values which we hold dearly to our hearts. It has become part of us, our culture and brand heritage. Volvo has a long tradition of developing products that enhances safety and continuously invests large amount of time and resources studying accidents, consequences and causes,” said Mats Nilsson, managing director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia.

And now, we are bringing to the classroom key safety learnings and skills as we belief in starting young with the main targets of this campaign being school kids,” he continued.