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Kuhl Racing has revealed its upcoming styling kit for the Toyota C-HR as an alternative to the in-house options from Toyota Racing Development and Modellista (galleries below). Based on the company’s previous work on the Prius, engraved goldmetal paint Godzilla and Mazda MX-5, we reckon this will be for those with an acquired taste.

As you can tell, the most obvious modification is the reduced ride height, with the crossover being slammed to the ground, accompanied by some negative camber on the wheels. New front and rear bumpers are also part of the kit, with the latter featuring a large diffuser element.

There’s also a rear half spoiler and new side skirts to further add to the visual impact of the modified C-HR, along with white accents in various areas. As “complete” as it may look, the company says that this project remains a work in progress, with additional development set to continue early next year. Interested?

GALLERY: Toyota C-HR with TRD parts

GALLERY: Toyota C-HR with Modellista parts