Kuhl Racing and Artisizawa Project 6

As far as Nissan GT-R modifications go, this one ranks pretty high on the “crazy” list. This is the Kuhl Racing and Artisizawa Project Nissan GT-R, and as you can tell, it appears to exude opulence from every angle you look at it.

What Kuhl Racing has done is create a complete body kit for the GT-R, one that no doubt required countless hours of work to complete. The widebody conversion appears to be constructed out of fibreglass, the intricate shape of the designs across the entire car’s body the work of artists, and the carving work the result of skilled engravers’ hands.

Etching complete, the Oriental-style body kit was sent to receive a chrome finish before receiving a gold paint job on top. Kuhl Racing dubs the gilded creation as the “engraved goldmetal paint Godzilla”, which sounds very apt.

Once you’re done admiring the craftsmanship of the GT-R’s bodywork, pop the hood and you’ll see the reworked 3.8 L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6 engine, which also gets a chrome finish. That’s not all, because Kuhl Racing has tagged on some engine mods to go with the visuals – its added on its own turbo turbines and exhaust system with titanium mufflers, bringing power output up to 820 hp.

The Kuhl Racing and Artisizawa Project Nissan GT-R will make its debut at the upcoming 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon. Love it or hate it, this Nissan GT-R is no doubt, one of a kind. Yay or nay?


Posted by Kuhl-racing on Saturday, 2 January 2016