Japan’s car modifying scene can often be described as either exciting or just downright outrageous, and here’s an example of the latter. This is Kuhl Racing’s styling kit, which it is currently developing for the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5.

Right off the bat, the new front bumper with an extended lip will certainly draw many eyeballs towards it. Bringing the roadster’s nose even closer to the ground, the front-end also features additional wind deflectors that only serve to lend the MX-5 a more aggressive outlook, as opposed to having any practical purpose.


Moving on, the side skirts widens the MX-5’s footprint and one would practice caution not to step on that pronounced lip while getting in and out of the car. “Stance” culture is very much present here as well, with larger wheels that fit very snugly. The rear wheels themselves have been adjusted to a negative camber to match as well.

At the rear, the outlandish visual tweaks continue with the twin exhaust tips repositioned to the centre of the bumper. The rear bumper too gets its fair share of modifications, namely a conspicuous diffuser element and aggressive lines.

Of course, design is certainly a subjective issue so take a second to reflect on what the stock Mazda MX-5 roadster (ND) looks like before you pass judgement on Kuhl Racing’s creation.