Daihatsu is heading to this year’s edition of the Tokyo Auto Salon in a big way, with 11 customised models set for display at Japan’s annual tuner expo. Here, the brand’s exhibits make up four different styles of vehicle customisation. Though there has been no mention of any mechanical work to go with the exterior customisation, there’s plenty of visual variety here.

The first style, Sporza, appears to have the sportiest look, and is applied to the Copen, Boon, Thor and Move Canbus models, with each of these wearing a red and black exterior and gold wheels. Next up and restyled in Grand Custom fashion are the Thor, Tanto and Move, each of which wear a dark grey and black colour scheme with blue wheels, chrome trim and accent lighting.

For a taste of retro, the Beach Cruising series brings a light, breezy aesthetic to the Canbus and Boon, with light blue paintwork and wood trim featuring on the cars, which roll on chrome wheels and – as you’ll see in the case of the Canbus – white-walled tyres.

The outdoorsy look also gets a spot here, with the Cross Field range of modifications applied to the Cast Activa and the Wake; each of these receive green paint and orange accents on the wheel rims and on other select pieces of trim.