The Daihatsu Cast is one of the more interesting minicars sold in Japan now, along with the Suzuki Hustler. Both feature round eyes and a cute face, but while the Hustler sports a mini-4×4 look, the newer Cast comes in three flavours – Style, Activa and Sport.

The Cast Style is the “standard” version of the kei-car, while the Sport is self-explanatory. We featured the Sport during our visit to last year’s Tokyo motor show, and here’s the Activa variant, the SUV of the 660 cc 2WD/4WD range.

Originally a blue car, this Cast Activa has been given an external green paint job to emphasise the “adventure” SUV image, ditto the roof rack and off-road tyres. The Activa’s “sump guard” and SUV-inspired “body moulding” may not be functional, but the car does have a 30 mm higher ground clearance (180 mm) compared to its Cast sisters.


Daihatsu has a habit of parading JDM minicars at Indonesian motor shows (Move Custom, Mira Cocoa, Wake were at last year’s GIIAS), and it’s easy to see why – with their miniature size and wacky styling, the kei-cars as as good as concept cars in drawing interest in these parts. I want one, too.

This year, the Cast Activa is joined at GIIAS 2016 by Tokyo 2015 concepts such as the Hinata and Tempo “food truck”, as well as the Copen Cero. The round light Cero is the latest of the tiny roadster’s “dresses”, possibly brought to Indonesia to gauge interest. The Copen is officially available in Indonesia (MT and AT) in default Robe styling.