Daihatsu Tempo Tokyo 2015 11

Two more concepts to make it a quartet from Daihatsu. Besides the Hinata and D-Base – the latter previews an upcoming production mini car, possibly the next-gen Mira – the Japanese compact car expert brought the Tempo and Noriori concepts to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The bi-annual show isn’t what it is without cutesy concepts and both these cars fulfil the quota.

Let’s start with the Tempo. Daihatsu calls the car a “moving store” and erected a mock cafe setup for us to visualise how the Tempo might be used. “I can easily drive up to that spot where everyone is waiting and instantly prop up a store,” the cheery orange machine says.

Classified as a commercial vehicle, the Tempo features a showcase equipped with a counter table. There’s also a digital sign on the side of the van that can be used as a signboard. Food trucks are the in thing these days, and this is suitable machine for a pop-up cafe if the food preparation isn’t very space intensive. Coffee, sandwiches or even sushi perhaps?

Daihatsu Noriori Tokyo 2015 1

The Nori Ori may look frivolous, but is actually very single-minded in concept. It focuses on the ease of getting in and out of the car. Easy access is provided by an ultra-low floor, two-way access doors (side and back) that open very wide and electric ramps (for both doors) that make pushing in a stroller or wheelchair an easy task.

As you’d expect from Daihatsu, space is abundant despite the small footprint, and the Nori Ori can accommodate two wheelchairs, unfolded.

We probably don’t see great need for such a vehicle, but Japan does. The Land of the Rising Sun is the fastest ageing country in the world, with the highest proportion of elderly folk. According to Japan Statistics Bureau’s provisional estimate for October 2015, 26.7% of the population is aged 65 and above. Easy access in thus very important, but we’re not sure if seniors would like the Nori Ori’s cartoonish looks.

Daihatsu Tempo

Daihatsu Nori Ori