Now that the The Grand Tour has been on the air for some time, the pressure is on for Top Gear to deliver in Series 24, and here’s the sneak preview of just that.

In the brief 21-second video, we get to see the three main hosts of the “all-new” Top Gear, now devoid of any sign of Chris Evans (whether you liked him or not). Therefore, it’s just Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid behind the wheel of some interesting vehicles.

Joining the trio will be returning hosts Sabine Schmitz, Eddie Jordan and anatidaephobiac – The Stig. While we can be assured that the tame racing driver will be featured frequently, it remains to be seen just how often Schmitz and Jordan will make their appearance.

In any case, a longer trailer for Series 24 of Top Gear should be released in the future, although when it will officially air remains to be seen. Looking forward to this?