Another day, another teaser from Faraday Future (FF) about its new crossover. This time however, we finally get to see a glimpse of the electric vehicle’s interior, with the car’s seats being the main highlight here.

Along with the video, FF also mentions that crossover’s seats “were built to battle the burden of gravity,” and that the interior will features “NASA-inspired” ergonomics. Vague? Yes, but it certainly helps to ensure the hype train continues chugging along towards the January 3, 2017 reveal.

As for the contents of the video, we get to glimpses of two rear seats that have the ability to recline and feature extended foot rests. Not only that, you sporty front seats are also shown in the 15-second teaser.

Previous FF teasers showcased the crossover’s camera “mirrors,” performance capabilities against established nameplates, as well exterior styling. The first model from FF will ride on the company’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) that features a modular battery structure.