According to a report by Reuters, South Korean regulators have banned the sale of 10 models of Nissan, BMW and Porsche after the automakers were discovered to have fabricated certification documents.

This comes following an investigation that was conducted back in August, which attempted to determine if other foreign carmakers besides the Volkswagen Group falsified documents relating to emissions and noise-level tests.

Since last month, nine of the ten models have already been banned, while Nissan’s Qashqai (diesel version) has been binned since June 2016, said the South Korean ministry of environment. It added that it also fined the automakers’ local units a combined 7.17 billion won (RM26,702,729) for the affected 4,523 vehicles already sold in the country.

In August, VW AG was slapped with a massive fine, and saw the sales of 80 models within the group banned in the country. This was followed with the prosecution of VW execs, as well as additional fines for the company’s company false advertising on emissions.