It seems that Singaporean drivers have a cavalier attitude towards traffic summonses issued to them by Malaysian authorities – they simply ignore them.

According to The Sun, motorists from the republic are the biggest culprits when it comes to unpaid traffic fines, with no less than 184,014 summonses – tracing back to 2010 – still outstanding. It is believed that majority of these summonses were issued for illegal parking and speeding.

Bukit Aman traffic enforcement and investigation department chief SAC Datuk Mahamad Akhir Darus added that the statistics from 2010 to 2016 revealed that 5,358 foreign motorists were issued arrest warrants for committing traffic offences in Malaysia, and Singaporean drivers led that list as well, with 3,423 out of the total.

The rest of the list comprised 1,116 Thai motorists, 509 from Brunei, 36 from Indonesia and 274 motorists of other various nationalities. Mahamad Akhir declined to divulge how much these outstanding summonses amounted to, but said that foreign motorists who have traffic summonses should settle them at the nearest police station or through other channels.

He added that with the vehicle entry permit (VEP) system scheduled to begin operating in June, it will be easier for police to trace errant foreign offenders. “When you have a traffic summons in our system, we do not delete it even after 10 years,” he stated.