Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), in a response to playwright Kee Thuan Chye, has clarified that only those who park their vehicles without paying the required parking charges in the city would have their vehicles clamped, even if they were parked properly.

DBKL media relations officer Hassan Azhari Abu Bakar explained that this is part of a new system enforced in September last year. He added that the new system put in place allowed vehicle owners to pay for their parking at designated machines without having to display them on their vehicles, as it would be recorded in its system, in a report by The Sun.

“Our enforcement team will be patrolling and scanning the cars’ registration plates. If you have paid, even without displaying the coupon on your cars, the system will still indicate that the owner had paid and the vehicle will not be clamped,” he said.

On Monday, Kee posted on his Facebook page, decrying that it was outrageous for DBKL to clamp cars that were properly parked in parking bays but not displaying their parking tickets, and that they should be issued summons instead, unaware of the new ticket-less system.

In his post, he said that “clamping should be for offences like parking illegally in areas where there are notices warning of clamping. There is no clamping warning for not buying or displaying parking tickets.”

Since then, Kee has stated (on Tuesday) that even though it was an offence when vehicle owners do not pay for parking charges, it should not be an offence that warrants clamping (even with the new ticket-less system). He added that DBKL should have provided sufficient forewarning that vehicle owners which did not pay the parking charges would have their vehicles clamped.

According to former DBKL enforcement director Mustafa Mohd Nor earlier this month, DBKL had no option but to clamp cars that park indiscriminately and block traffic as these offenders weren’t fazed by the compounds “There are more than 120,000 compounds issued a month but no one bothers to pay. We have no choice but to take action for the benefit of the city,” he said.