When the next-generation Audi A3 arrives, it will welcome a new four-door coupe to its current lineup in addition to the current hatch, five-door Sportback, Cabriolet and four-door sedan models. Said to be modelled after the TT Sportback concept (pictured here), the upcoming A3 Coupe will take on the Mercedes-Benz CLA.

In contrast to Audi’s move to include sleeker rooflines with the A3, the next A-Class will go the opposite direction towards a three-box sedan shape – more so than the CLA – with the upcoming A-Class sedan, which was previewed by the Aesthetics A conceptual scuplture.

The model range expansion is aimed at elevating Audi’s compact range into the executive class, closer to where the A4 plies its trade, albeit without a dramatic price hike, according to Auto Express. It’s a move that will see Audi fill another niche within the A3 category, much like how the CLA and CLA Shooting Brake has done from the A-Class platform.

The addition of a new model variant will go towards Audi’s target of having 60 individual models on sale by 2020, and the A3 Coupe’s debut will be preceded by the arrival of the standard A3 hatchback, expected to be in 2019. It is to be based on today’s MQB platform, and as such can be expected to feature nearly the full range of the VW Group’s transverse layout, front-mounted engines.

Front- and all-wheel-drive will feature, as will manual and twin-clutch automatic tranmissions. With the VW Group’s recent push for electrification, the A3 range is expected to feature a plug-in hybrid, while a fully electric version is also expected.

GALLERY: Audi TT Sportback concept