Audi is considering a small production run for a quattro hypercar in the vein of Mercedes-AMG’s Project One, according to Audi Sport chief Stephan Winkelmann as told to Car Advice. “Coming from a brand where we did this in the past and we put it to a new level, if it’s about a very limited car with a high price to test the value of the brand it might be a good idea,” Winkelmann told the publication.

Will the limited-run hypercar project require some form of connection to top-level motorsport? Also, will Audi’s recent withdrawal from top-flight WEC racing have any detrimental effect on development?

“It should always have a story to tell, there should be some heritage and something that is consistent and clear with the history or the future of Audi. We’re just speaking hypothetically. But I think everything can be judged in one way or another. I see that there is a potential for those type of cars in Audi Sport, and given the history we have in racing, with Silver Arrows, WEC and GT3 cars as you see here, there are many ideas,” Winkelmann said.

Given the motorsport influence in this potential hypercar project, it is all but certain to be a hybrid powertrain-powered model, as opposed to a purely internal combustion assault on straight-line performance statistics a la fellow VW Group offspring, the Bugatti Chiron.

As for the Mercedes-AMG Project One – previously known as R50 – the future Audi Sport product is said to be modelled after, the mega Merc will use an F1-derived hybrid powertrain adapted for road use, albeit still with over 1,000 hp. Another hypercar in the same vein as these is the Aston Martin AM RB-001 concept, one which is powered by a naturally-aspirated V12, and also endowed with extreme aero treatments.